FO Friday-16th November

It feels like ages since I’ve written a post, which is probably because it has been weeks! Apologies to my Instagram followers too as my FO was on there last Friday, I just didn’t get time to type a blog post!

My Hitchhiker shawl is now complete (except for sewing in the ends!) It doesn’t have the full 42 points though as I ran out of yarn, I think I made it to 39. It’s a little shorter than planned, but perfect for tucking into a coat.

It is made using a high twist yarn dyed by Peak District Yarns in the Edale Welldressing colourway. I do love the autumn/wintery colour mix in the yarn, which matches my burgundy coat really well.

I have been working on it since August, but mainly as my in-car project. There have been times where it has been sat dormant for weeks and other occasions where it has had hours of work over a couple of days. The week before last it got lots of attention as we had a car journey to Halifax shortly followed by a trip to Gloucestershire which gave me plenty of knitting time.

Early on in the project, I made a mistake and didn’t work enough rows leading up to one of the points. However, it is a tricky one to spot and I’m sure it won’t affect it being worn. Before I wear it properly, I am going to try and wash out the ink which leaked on to it from the pen I kept in my WIP bag. Fingers crossed it works!

I’d definitely recommend this as an introduction to shawl knitting as it grew quite quickly, and was a simple pattern to pick up and put down without being too boring to work on for long periods of time. I’m surprised that I finished it so quickly in the end, I wasn’t sure I would complete it before the winter!

Have you completed anything this week? I’ve started more projects than I’ve finished, whoops!

26 thoughts on “FO Friday-16th November

  1. Yea for youme. I knew you could finish before the snow flies.
    As for me…I shipped out the Christmas card orders to my customers and started on Thank yous for my parents caregivers. They both have a nurse and ade as well as a chaplin who comes around once a month or so. With this being our ( USA ) Thanksgiving week coming up it seemed like the thing to do.
    What is your next projject?

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  2. I made one of these a few years ago and agree it’s an easy pattern for a beginner to work, however the small needles were a nightmare for me and I kept getting cramp in my chunky fingers. I’m looking for a pattern to start knitting again and might give this another go as it always works well with a multi-colour wool (of which I have plenty) x

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  3. lovely to reconnect too Mrs C.. And I am sure only you can notice the error. Beautiful work..
    Congrats on your little one turning seven. Wonderful.. And Life comes first.. I have only been posting once a month on my Garden blog and spending less time in my WP reader catching up other than those who have been leaving comments..
    So Enjoy Life and Living, Creating and BEing.. That is what life is for.
    Love and Well wishes dear Mrs C.. πŸ™‚

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    1. I too have been pretty much missing in action from here, far too busy with dealing with running a home and a job. I try to keep in touch, but you’re right, life is for living!


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