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My Christmas 2018 Crafting

Merry Christmas everyone, I do hope you are all enjoying this hazy week between Christmas and New Year. It’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas as the wrapping and stress are all done, and we can relax and play with all of the new toys (I do love building Lego models!), visit friends and relatives and enjoy walks together. Mr C has been working a lot, so the children and I have been for plenty of walks to burn off some energy. Luckily Santa bought new scooters (and a baby Annabell-my 4 year old has a daily struggle with whether to walk with her dolly pushchair or take her scooter!)

The quiet time has also allowed for some lazy days here and there, with films to be watched and craft time a plenty. I’ve been on a mission to make myself a new pair of mittens since my last pair met their fate at the hands of the tumble dryer.  I used the old faithful Tin Can Knits World’s Simplest Mittens pattern, with the addition of a fair isle section that I designed myself. Because Mr C wants some grey mittens, I had to plan carefully to leave enough yarn. I settled for mustard with grey detail for mine. I’m not 100% happy with them as my tension was a little dodgy on the patterned section, meaning they look a bit pinched in at one point. I’m sure no one will be taking that much notice of my mittens though! I went up a needle size from the last fair isle pair as when I tried them on they felt a bit too snug around my fingers and I like some wriggle room. I guess that’s the magical part of making for yourself-customising is super easy!


On Christmas Eve, as has become a tradition in this house, we built a gingerbread house in the morning and then left a piece out for Father Christmas. I also decorated the Christmas cake. As always, I left it until the last minute and was searching Pinterest at 4am to find out how to decorate it. I settled for my take on this tutorial from Hobbycraft, only I didn’t have the special gum past to put in the icing to make it harden so I settled for adding sausages of icing inside the bow to hold it up! No one has complained about the taste so it must be ok. I have been quite good and not eaten too much of it.

I also made an icing free Christmas cake for Mr C’s parents. I had quite a lot of fun making pretty patterns with fruit and nuts! It has been nicknamed a jewel cake because of the cherries. I’m half tempted to do mine like that next year as I don’t even eat the icing.


As well as baking, I’ve done a little bit of craft with the kids (apart from Lego models) and taught my daughter to sew. It had never occurred to me to try before, but when I taught Reception age children we always made a hand sewn felt Christmas tree decoration each to take home (a challenge when you have 30 children!) and she is currently in Reception so I decided to give it a go. She took to it ever so well, and I pre punched the holes for her. I also tied the yarn to the needle so I didn’t have to rethread it after every stitch. It didn’t take long before she informed me ‘I can do this myself’. (Of course, I was needed when the odd tangle happened!) It’s certainly a craft we will come back to, and I enjoyed teaching her. My son also had a go, and he was even quicker, but he had also done some sewing at school (so he tells me-I’ve yet to see any evidence).


That’s about all of my Christmas craft, I’ve not put myself under too much pressure this year and just done things I’ve wanted to. My plan is to enjoy the rest of the festive season and do some more knitting, with a nice relaxed approach. What Christmas crafts have you done this year? And do you have any suggestions for next simple sewing steps for my little one? Please share, as we don’t need any more Christmas decorations making!

22 thoughts on “My Christmas 2018 Crafting

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Your mittens look great. The gingerbread house and cakes look fabulous too.
    We had a little lego here too – Mr M (21 soon) still likes his lego. I don’t build it for him, actually he has always been really independant with that. We have had a little gingerbread house baking too (there is a pic on my blog). Other christmas goodies I baked didn’t get photographed. My MIL makes the cake so I don’t have to. It has been really hot here reaching 40 post christmas but I decided to sit under the airconditioning and start a cotton jumper! I have a couple of crafty requests which I will start work on post christmas holidays. We have school break now until the end of January so everyone in my house is pretty much home til at least then.


    1. The long break sounds lovely, I feel lucky we are off until the 7th this year as the last 2 years we’ve been back on the 2nd or 3rd and it’s not seemed like much of a break. I am normally called upon to help with the Lego when they’ve got stuck!


  2. Merry Christmas! I’ve been making holiday headwear, like novelty headbands and a Santa hat. The gingerbread house looks great! As does the circular cake, I wouldn’t know the bow had sausages holding it up. Perhaps your daughter could sew a little bag? I’m seeing it being used on walks for holding pretty leaves or seeds (I don’t really know what foliage children collect where you live!). She could even add some simple decorations to the bag, like buttons or felt shapes? Hope this helps! 😀

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  3. You certainly were quite busy before Christmas and definitely need a break to sit and knit. Your mittens look wonderful! I’ve not tried mittens, as DP needles just drive me crazy. Your cake looks so beautiful! I wouldn’t have wanted anyone to cut it 😉 I am glad Christmas is over and downtime is here. Though my tradition is to get the tree and all decorations down and put away before the new year. And this year I wanted to weed out what I am no longer using and donate instead of packing it away another year. But for now, I relax. Trying to finish cross stitching the last section of the Linen and Threads sampler before the end of the year. You relax and get in some knitting. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you, the cake has been very popular (it does have half of a bottle of brandy in it!) I want to take the decorations down soon too, everything feels too busy with all of the new toys and the tree up. Happy New year, hope you get ypur cross stitch done.


      1. Oh I bet that cake was just so yummy! I didn’t get all of my decorations down yesterday. The tree is down and put away. And I didn’t finish my sampler even though I stitched like crazy on it until midnight. I am so close. So it will be a 2019 finish at some point. Not today though, because it is Lego day for me 😉 Happy New Year!

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