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My 2019 Guidelines

Happy New Year! 2018 was a funny one, with lots achieved (but not as much as I’d like). The main thing we achieved, and it was a slog with lots of silly little hoops to jump through, was getting planning permission for a house extension. Next challenge-finding a builder who responds to messages and has a good reputation. We have a couple who we are in contact with, so fingers crossed by the end of 2019 our house will be much larger!

I decided that this year I will set myself some more guidelines to try and keep me on track, but some of the things I’m aiming for are not such visible achievements.


Apart from the obvious task of getting the extension built, I’m continuing with my aim of decluttering, and trying to train the children to do the same. I’m really looking carefully at what I need to have, especially for work. I’m terrible for keeping hard copies of worksheets when I have it all saved on a USB. There are lots of things we need to sort through, and although I disagree with ‘if you haven’t used it for 6 months you don’t need it’, I am considering how likely we are to actually use some items. I especially need to tackle the dreaded drawers full of mystery cables. I also need to look at a simple cleaning schedule rather than haphazardly cleaning rooms as and when they need doing.


We’d like a good camping holiday again, but the length of it will depend how much money we have to spend on building. It would be nice to use our National Trust cards a bit more this year too, so days out will probably be on the cards. Mr C’s job means our family time is sometimes a bit limited, so we need to get better at making the most of it. I also need to get braver at taking the children out on my own.


Last year we grew so much, despite the weather, and then I didn’t enjoy having so much to deal with (so much beetroot!). Also, we wasted some things (well, the chicken ate them) as we just didn’t eat them. This year we are going to focus on growing things we like and will eat, such as onions, carrots and soft fruits to name a few. There will be no beans as they always just seem so stringy and horrible! Perhaps we will grow some flowers instead. I also want to focus on moving some things to the front plot so that we can give up the back plot, with it’s poor soil and tendency to become waterlogged.


As always, my aim is to keep putting money into savings. The extension will be costly, so we will try to shop well and get the things we need for it at the best prices. Also, I will try to sell items that are worth selling to combine decluttering with money saving. I’m still trying to get a good balance between ‘buy cheap buy twice’ and buying cheaper items if I know they will be quickly outgrown/trashed. For example, I spent £30 on some boots that quickly broke, whereas the £70 pair I bought after have been worn nearly every day for 3 months and still look good. However, the children do not need expensive designer wellies for kicking around at the allotment so we just buy cheap ones.


I’d still like to do some kind of course to further my skills (if I don’t find a builder, that skill may have to be bricklaying, or perhaps plastering!) My plans for a business are on hold, I will still make orders and maybe look at a craft fair at Christmas time, but I think the disruption of a major building project will mean I have enough on my plate. However, I have plans to adopt the new dining room. (Well, Mr C says all my craft stuff can go in there, so technically it will be a craft room, won’t it!) I’d love to join a crochet along in real time -i.e. not start it 7 weeks in- but I don’t want to make a blanket for our house. I’m hoping some friends might have more babies so I can make more baby blankets!


First of all, I want to get better at standing up for myself. Not in an aggressive way, more just making sure I’m not a doormat by saying no to things that I know are too much for me, and being a bit more confident, for example when returning items to shops or ending up with voluntary roles I don’t have time fore. Also (and I’m not a particularly vain person, but I try to look presentable) I need to book things like hairdressers appointments before I reach the point where I need a paper bag on my head to leave the house. Basically, just being a proper grown up! (I tried this before Christmas when I brought myself a nice lipstick and felt very smart, then I let myself down by going on my son’s skateboard and falling off it!)

I think those are probably enough for me to be going on with! Hopefully this is going to be a very busy year for us. If I’ve taken anything from last year, it’s that I try to do too much, and that pressure on my self isn’t necessary-if everyone is fed and clothed in clean things, and we are happy enough, then we are doing fine. That’s why my blog was so quiet, as I tried to keep up with the things I’d taken on. I’ve actually cut out a few things now and feel much better for it.

Have you got any goals for this year? Let me know!


19 thoughts on “My 2019 Guidelines

  1. Hello. Did you take back those £30 boots. Whatever the price, they need to be fit for purpose. As for the skateboarding incident, I bet your son doesn’t mind whether or not you wear lipstick- but that you play with him and fall over. Get Mr C to ‘take you out’ so you can were the lippy. When my boys were young and money was too tight to mention, we had dining table nights in.

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    1. I didn’t return them as they were from a shop quite far away and I’d have spent the same amount nearly in petrol money. I just cut my losses and learned a lesson! Mr C and I have a voucher for a meal out so I’m sure I can wear lippy for that.

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  2. WOW what a list of goals! Very impressive. I haven’t thought too much about what I want to achieve in 2019 other than get a new job. I had 2 part time jobs but one finished a few weeks before Christmas. I agree with the decluttering I struggle with the hard copies too (of patterns!). All the best with the house extension we did that about 10 years ago – 6 people in a 3 bedroom house just didn’t work anymore. Now we have a huge house and I have a dedicated craft room that should be bigger or perhaps I should declutter :). When you work out the cleaning schedule let me know. I tried to do a regular clean one day a week but then other things come up on that day and the cleaning gets left.

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    1. Good luck with the job! Our house won’t be massive as it is still an end terrace, but we will have 3 bedrooms at last. The cleaning schedule is a tricky one when you have to change plans, I’m going to have a good think about how I can do it flexibly, as Mr C working nights means upstairs hoovering has to be squeezed in little time slots!

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  3. We’ve got a similar allotment plan this year. Last year we grew all sorts of weird and wonderful things but ended up not using or giving lots away. This year I’ve planned the beds better and going to grow much more fruit and stick to the veggies we use regularly. Onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, salad, sweet corn. We’ve kept a small section for a ‘let’s try it’ veg but it’s tiny compared with what we did last year. Fingers crossed for another good growing year full of sunshine, although a little overnight rain would be nice once in a while. Housework can wait, enjoy your babies and garden ❤️ happy 2019 x

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  4. I hope you achieve all you want and hope to, in 2019. It’s an impressive list. 🙂
    Me? I have just one thing that I’m aiming for and that’s contentment.
    My very best wishes for this New Year. May your hopes, dreams and wishes all come true for you.
    Regards to the Craft family! ~ Cobs. x

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  5. Happy New Year! I wish you great success in all the things that you want to do this year. The addition to your house sounds like a big project and I hope it all goes smoothly for you. I did not make any New Year resolution lists this year. They do tend to put too much pressure on me and then I feel bad when I fail. So… other than working on getting WIP’s done and using stash, I don’t have any big lists. I do want to become the best me I can be, too.

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