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Sunday Catch Up

I do love a relaxing Sunday, especially at this time of year when it still gets dark early and its perfectly acceptable to be in pyjamas at 7pm. The new year clean up is still underway, but I’ve taken a slow approach to it and can see lots of progress already. (We do need to get a wriggle on with decluttering before building work starts though!) Lots has gone on this week that didn’t really need a post of it’s own so I thought I’d write one to combine it all.

Early this week, I completed the baby jumper I had been working on. The colourwork was really enjoyable, although I’m not in a hurry to make another yet. I used the Dog Star pattern by Tin Can Knits, and it was such a breeze to make, especially the fact that the only sewing needed was some Kitchener grafting under the arms. The photos aren’t great-one downside of the dark evenings is that I only get to take photos in artificial light-and the coat hanger is too big so it doesn’t show it off as well as I’d like. The lady who ordered it was very pleased, now to wait for the baby to arrive to see how it fits!

On Tuesday, I made a good start with one of my new year guidelines and went to the hairdressers for an epic 3 and a half hour appointment. I am much happier with my hair, but the thought of the expense and number of appointments needed to maintain it is terrifying! I will be going back there, though, which is more than can be said for the last salon I tried.

Later in the week, we went to see an example of a builder’s work and were impressed so we have booked him, so fingers crossed the extension will be underway in the spring. Mr C and I now have the mammoth task of getting the rest of the house in order (and making a path through the loft so the plumber can put a new boiler up there, wish us luck!) It was a relief to make that step finally, and we both feel very motivated now.

Yesterday I saw a sign that made me chuckle, so I recreated it using my Silhouette Cameo. I’m hoping that my lovely son might take heed of this notice, especially since there will be two new loos as part of the extension and I am determined that they will remain pristine!


On that note, I’ve also been looking at different cleaning schedules. I need something realistic to achieve, as on my work days I only manage the essential chores because I’m not at home for that long after work before bedtime. We are looking at the Organised Mum Method at the moment, and I quite like the look of the ticklists and the fact it is timed. I think I’ll give it a go, even if it just helps a little.

I’ve been trying a spot of yoga, and purchased a new memory foam pillow this week too as my neck and shoulder have been playing up. It seems a historic injury has come back to haunt me, but hopefully the pillow and the stretches will help. It does mean I feel a bit frustrated as I can’t do quite as much crochet or knitting as I’d like to.

I’m also on a mission at the allotment as we have a rat (or several) under the shed and they have been raiding the chicken food. I’ve moved the chicken to a temporary coop so that I can use poison (bait blocks) without harming it. I’m not a fan of using things like that but knowing the germs and diseases they can spread it’s for the best, especially with the children being there. I’ve had a bonfire with anything the rats had contaminated inside the sheds, but I’m not sure I’ve got rid of the rats themselves yet. Not a pleasant topic, but I guess that’s one of the hazards of having an allotment.

Looking at all that, it’s been a busy week. I’ve finished it off with a spot of gentle crochet, and some Sunday night TV-Dancing on Ice followed by Call the Midwife. Now I’m ready and refreshed for another busy week at work.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Catch Up

  1. Really need to..’.Really Need To’ .. do some serious cleaning but alas…not in the mood. Maybe later but then it will be time to plant and oh there is that thought of opening an Etsy shop. Conflicting ideas there but it will work it’s self out.

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  2. Beautiful sweater! I love all the work in the yoke. So intricate and perfect. I do hope the pillow works for your neck and shoulder and you can get back to doing more of what you love. And I hope that your rat problem gets solved soon. Sounds like a chore, but a necessary one.

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  3. Post Christmas clean up is taking forever here too although I’m planning a bit declutter (when I can find the motivation to actually do it). Sounds as though you have something exciting to work towards with your building work. Love that sign lol.

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    1. They are such a pain, they still haven’t gone but I think they are dwindling! We are lucky we still had the old coop, it’s a little battered but dry and secure enough.


  4. A gorgeous sweater! Love it.
    All the best with the new cleaning schedule.
    My kiddos (cause they are older) have made another huge pile for me to take to the second hand store – but before it goes I need to have a look. They tend to put things in there that can still be used by someone in the house.

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    1. We get that too, even though I have a boy and girl, my daughter always likes to look through her brother’s old things before they go anywhere. The cleaning schedule is still going strong a week in!


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