The Not So Snowy Snowman

This week much of the UK has been covered in snow. We have been really lucky and escaped it-as much as it is fun for the children to play in, it isn’t so enjoyable as a grown up who has to drive to work in it. We had a sprinkling, but certainly not enough for a snowman. However, I was inspired to make this lovely crocheted version of The Snowman from issue 77 of Simply Crochet magazine.

I’ve had it on my list for a while, and decided to start whilst I had no other projects on the go. I used stylecraft special dk rather than the recommended cotton yarn, as I’m trying to use up some stash rather than purchasing more for ‘frivolous’ projects. This might be one reason why I’m slightly disappointed with the finished project.

There were a few tricky elements, particularly working in the arms and legs as you have to be careful with start/finish points for the rounds to ensure increases and decreases end up in the right place. I was a nice challenge though, and a change from having to pin and sew them on. I had actually got the head sewn on when I looked at the body and decided it looked odd. It was a bit overstuffed, so I had to snip out the top stitches of the body (that’s what you get for sewing ends in so carefully!) and pull it back, remove stuffing and then rework the top few rounds. It does look a bit better for having less stuffing in thank goodness.

I’m not entirely convinced the decreases after the arms are in the right positions, but with the scarf and buttons attached it isn’t too obvious. Also, I didn’t have a muted orange for his nose so it is very bright! The eyes are also a little large, as that was the only size I had and, again, I wasn’t prepared to buy extra things. (Also I’m not patient enough to wait for them to arrive.) Looking at his legs, I’m not convinced they are the same length, although I think it may be down to me messing up the foot shaping as I stood the legs together before joining. From this I have learned that amigurumi is not as easy as it looks, and it needs a lot of concentration and careful counting, as well as forethought for where decreases will show.

I feel a bit sorry for him now I’ve pulled his appearance to bits, I think this project was a case of expectation vs reality, or perhaps one of those Pinterest fails. I was so looking forward to making him to have pride of place next Christmas, but now he’s finished he might well have to hide behind something!ย  He did get a bonus photo shoot in the tiny amount of snow outside though. (I have a sneaky feeling I might end up making another one and trying top improve on it!)


20 thoughts on “The Not So Snowy Snowman

  1. He is cute as is. I often don’t stick with the pattern. Sometimes it looks better than the actual pattern and sometimes it looks a bit off. I just work with what I have on hand. I have never looked at a pattern and gone to the store or online to get the specified yarn. Most of the time I wait for the yarn to tell me what it wants to be. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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