WIP Wednesday-20th February

We are half way through the school holidays here, they are only for one week but I feel like they’ve lasted forever already! (Lots of fun and busy days, and plenty of sibling arguments, as well as a school shoe shopping trip.) One bonus is that when I’ve made the most of ‘down time’ when we’ve all just needed to relax, and done some crochet.

The scarf I started is almost done, I’ve washed it with plenty of fabric conditioner and it is a bit softer but still scratchy. It just needs some tassels making for the ends now. It’s a nice length, but I’m not sure I will wear it, so I will keep hold of it to give as a gift.


The corner to corner baby blanket is coming on really nicely. If I had taken a photo yesterday it would have looked almost finished, but I had to frog it as I had pushed my luck a bit too far with yarn chicken and I had no suitable yarn to finish off the corner. It’s fairly quick to work up though, so I’m ok with that. The way it has worked with colour changes has kind of pooled the green sections on one side, but I think that will balance out a bit more when I have crocheted a bit more of it.


The colours look a little dull in artificial light, I must try to take more daytime photos-the light in the conservatory is lovely for photographing projects when I remember to do them before it gets dark.

What are you working on this week? Have you started any new projects?

19 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-20th February

  1. But the colors are still pretty.
    It is cold and wet…very wet….here but the craft room is dry although kinda chilly. three of my Etsy cards sold pretty fast so I have made three more to fill in. This is going to be interesting to see how this works out. I really would like for it to.

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  2. Sounds like the school holidays have been quite relaxing. It’s always good to get crafting time. Your baby blanket is looking wonderful; such lovely colours. No wonder you bought that yarn, I know I would have, just based on the colours! Lol. Is the pattern of that version of the C2C blanket on Ravelry?

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    1. Thank you, we do try to enjoy the holidays amidst the chaos. I followed the video by Blossom Crochet for the pattern. I always imagined this yarn as a little short sleeved summer cardi for my daughter but I never got around to it.


  3. Beautiful scarf and blanket. The scarf will look awesome with added tassels. So sorry you had to frog the blanket, but I have no doubt you will have it all crocheted up in no time. I was working on a shawl, but it has given me so many problems. Definitely my fault, but I am just thinking it is not meant to be at this time. So I ripped out last night and I am hoping to start a new shawl today, in a pattern that I hope I will be able to do without all the difficulty of the last one. Happy Stitching!

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