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Craftandothercrazyplans is 3!

Actually it was 3 last week but I didn’t have time to type a post in between doing jobs to prepare for building work! I didn’t realise until WordPress reminded me, however it was a pleasant surprise. The idea that I dreamed up 3 years ago, and which was named in the multi storey car park whilst waiting for a dentist appointment, is still going. That in itself is a minor miracle, as my life has changed so much in that time. When I began, I had two pre-school aged children who went to bed at 7pm and did not require a taxi service to their various activities. Nowadays, I’m lucky if my son is asleep by 8:30 (which doesΒ  cut into craft and blogging time somewhat, but we do enjoy reading longer books so it’s not all bad), and my schedule is no longer ‘mine’ as I organise getting to and from Beavers and football and so on.

When I began my blog, I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve, other than to write about things I love and enjoy writing for fun and not ‘just’ for work. Luckily, I wasn’t talking to myself and I have chatted with some lovely fellow bloggers along the way, which is probably why I’m still doing it now. I don’t post as frequently as I used to, but occasionally something pops into my head that sets a ball rolling and all of a sudden a blog post is drafted in my head. Some make it to the screen; others disappear off the edge of the earth!

I do enjoy blogging though, so thanks for reading and here’s to the next 3 years! And here’s a link to my first (very tentative!) post. Incidentally, I wrote the pattern out for the baskets in my little book, and guess what-it was one of those things that just never made it to a full blown post. Maybe one day…

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