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Cardmaking Round Up

When I looked at my blog on the computer and not just on my phone, I was reminded that once upon a time (2 years ago) I was in the top 100 cardmaking blogs. Lately, cardmaking posts from me have been in short supply (as in non-existent) so I decided to change all that.

My cardmaking style of late has been simple (for that, read ‘done in a hurry with no time to embellish or otherwise make them fancy’), mainly due to me still being completely useless at timekeeping and leaving things until the last minute. Lots of cards have escaped the photoshoots because they have had to go straight in their envelopes! However, looking back through my photo gallery I was able to pick out a few that were blog worthy. Some of the photos are not so great because I took them in artificial light as they needed to be written in and given to their recipients, but I wanted to share them anyway.

First up is a Christening card for my god daughter (I was lucky enough to become a godmother twice last year!) I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 for the cross and for the text. I had experimented with using the sketch fill function on text rather than cutting out fiddly text from card (we all know how that ends if the text is too small or intricate, and it isn’t pretty). I think I overfilled the text as the pen bled through the card slightly, either that or I used a poor quality card blank. As the card blank was pink, I added a strip of white card mounted on silver across the centre to break it up, and stuck on the cross. Because it was a special occasion, I added a little ribbon bow, which was a different shade to the card but it was the best match I had in my tin.


Next up is a card for my niece, which was also made using the Cameo 3 and the text fill function. She was having a unicorn party so I decided to make a unicorn card, with red hair to match hers. I thought the green sparkly card and ink complemented the colours nicely. There’s no such thing as too much sparkle, but my glittery sketch pens are running low now. The glitter card was a pain to cut and to layer and stick, but I didn’t give in and after a couple of attempts it stayed put.


The next one has a truly awful photo and I wish I had taken a better one. It was for my friend’s wedding and I really wanted to make a special card. I’ve made all kinds of fancy wedding cards before, but I also loved the monogram I found in the Silhouette store. I’ve used it before, but I still needed to follow a Silhouette School tutorial as I had forgotten what to do. Once it was all set up, I enquired about wedding colours, because I think making a personalised card in colours to match the wedding is important (and one of the bonuses of making your own cards). I chose a metallic blue card, and had to cut it 3 times before I was satisfied it was cut all the way through. However, the finished card looked nice, far more than the photo suggests. (The glueing down process was nerve wracking though, one smudge on metallic card and you have some careful polishing using a cotton wool bud to do!)


And finally, I have my son’s birthday card. Yet another Silhouette creation, on a Lego theme. I love designing using the software and playing around with sizes/layouts until I’m happy. The blocks themselves were from the Silhouette store, and I just chose bright colours to cut them from. I actually left out a layer of the blocks as the process of sticking the circles on using individual foam squares was tricky enough without any extra bits. I then used the trace function to cut a Lego man head to add to it. My son was very pleased with his card!


From now on, I will make more effort to a) complete cards before the day of the event/party and b) take better photos. (This post was not an advert for Silhouette Cameo machines, but I do love mine as you can see from the amount of times I’ve used it!)

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    1. Thank you, my big shot is a bit neglected lately as I haven’t explored many new techniques, I really must use it more. The cameo is nice to have, though I would never have splashed out that much on myself so I was lucky to receive it as a gift.

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