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So it begins…

It is a very exciting week in our house as building work on our long-awaited extension has begun! You may remember it featuring in both my 2018 and 2019 guidelines posts, so it really has seemed like forever since we were in the planning stages. I went to work yesterday and missed all of the fun, but the skips, digger and dumper truck arrived before the children went to school so they got to watch the action for a little while at least (from inside!).

When I got home, my house had literally turned into a building site-there was fencing around the side where the extension is going, and the porch had been reduced to a heap of rubble in a skip.

My porch!

This morning, the builders started digging out the trenches for the foundations, and when we got home from a lunch out to celebrate (and treat ourselves for working so hard in the last few weeks getting everything ready) another skip was full of soil and rubble and they had completed over half of the trench.


This is all very exciting, however I am also completely on edge. You see, I have this wonderful ability to create a dozen potential catastrophes for any given situation. Not a particularly useful skill, but one I possess nonetheless (and one which I have to work hard to keep in check!) My brain is so good at conjuring up ‘what ifs’, for example ‘what if the walls aren’t supported properly when they knock through and the whole house caves in?’ or ‘what if they cut through the electricity cable?’, ‘what if it isn’t done properly and we have to knock it all down?’ You get the picture, lots and lots of crazy thoughts. I’m trying not to let my brain run away with itself!

Do you have any tips to get me through the next ten weeks or so? I just can’t wait for it to be done.

18 thoughts on “So it begins…

  1. How exciting!
    One thing I was taught is that it can be really hard to just turn off the what-ifs, so instead you can focus all that imagination on good what-ifs. What if it turns out even better than we imagined? What if we got to have some family time in there? And so on. It certainly helps me

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  2. Keep in mind your vision of the finished work; the space you’ll have, the fabulous new kitchen etc – there’s a whole new set of ‘what if’s’ to play with 😉

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  3. I wish I could have some of those bricks for my allotment ! When ours was being done we had lots of ‘what if’s’ best thing to do is start planning the decorating and keep busy with colours, wallpapers etc. The time will fly by and it will be an amazing space. Looking forward to seeing it all finished, looking beautiful.

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  4. Start making a few of the decisions about doors, finishes, fittings, colours, tiles, carpet etc before you get to them. By the time the builder thinks to ask you and give you the info, they’ll want the answer last week. And decision making gets boring very quickly when you have to make a hundred decisions at once!

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    1. Luckily he is just building it and putting in the bathroom, we are decorating it all ourselves, but we do need to choose lots of things for when he has finished. I keep looking at things, and then can’t quite decide!


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