If in doubt, choose shells

Last night, I finished my corner to corner granny blanket. It started so quickly, but when I had to frog some back because of losing terribly at yarn chicken I lost my enthusiasm a little. However, it was still only 3 weeks from start to finish with other projects in between.

Once I had finished the ‘granny’ part, I thought it looked a bit wonky. Not massively so, but enough to need a little straightening. I only had two balls of the variegated yarn, and a ball of white from the same brand, so when I started I knew it would have a white border. As it stood, it looked a little on the small side too (at least to be practical) so I knew a substantial border was in order. I was hoping that the border would serve two purposes-to enlarge the blanket, and even it out so it looked neater.

I spent ages looking at ‘Around the corner crochet borders’ on my Kindle and I just couldn’t find one that seemed suitable. It needed to be pretty, but not too fancy, give structure but not be too plain, and look ‘right’ with the granny stitches. I took screen shots of some to compare, but in the end none fitted. I decided to just start off with the base round and see where it took me. For this round, I chose half treble (UK terms) and worked two stitches into the end of each row of granny stitches, with the corners being two htr, ch 2, 2htr. I worked another round of half trebles, and then left it while I had a think. I prefer half trebles as they are short enough to make it structured and solid, but tall enough to have an impact on the size of the blanket (compared to the usual double crochet first round). I also used a hook 0.5mm larger so that the stitches weren’t too tight, avoiding the ruffled effect it is so easy to get when working a border.

I wanted the border to frame it, but not be too chunky and look too much like I was using it to make it larger. I left it at two rounds, but didn’t quite feel it was finished. The answer was simple-just work a simple but pretty shell border. Not exactly groundbreaking in terms of technicality or fanciness, but I wanted it to complement the blanket not compete with it. Of course, my stitch count wasn’t quite right, so I had to (to use a technical term) fudge it, and make the middle shell of each side only miss 1 stitch rather than 2 between the shell and linking double crochets. I don’t think it ruins the overall effect too much. It is still a little bit wonky looking, so when I wash it I will make sure I stretch out the shorter sides a bit.

I have used this project to join in with the Zeens and Roger Granny CAL. I so rarely join these things so it was a nice change for me to actually do it! (By the way, if you don’t watch her podcast, give it a go, it’s fab!)

What’s your failsafe crochet stitch/border option when you just don’t know what else will work? I really think I ought to get a stitch dictionary so I can branch out a bit.

14 thoughts on “If in doubt, choose shells

  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous! The shells really suit it, I reckon anything more would have been a little too fussy. I’ve never made a full-size blanket before, and I usually just use a double crochet border on any miniature ones I make, so I don’t really have a failsafe, sorry! Hope you find one, though. 😀

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    1. Thank you, I like a simple border on a lot of things too. Shells are a pretty one, but quite girly, not sure I would choose them for a ‘boy’ blanket.


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