WIP Wednesday-13th March

This week I only have two projects on the go, and unusually for me they are both knitting. One is an old project that typically started very well and has slowed right down, the other is a new one.

The first is a toddler sized Flax pullover by Tin Can Knits. I had worked the body and cast off the rib at the bottom, and was waiting for double pointed needles to work the sleeves with. They arrived last week, so I picked up the held stitches and completed the first few rounds. After that, they need a lot of concentration and counting for decreases-the kind of work where you need to sit and focus until the whole thing is done rather than only working a few rows at a time. I’m finding it tricky to focus for that length of time at the moment, although I’m sure my finishing deadline (my goddaughter’s birthday!) will spur me on. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get a good photo of this yarn in either daylight or artificial light, so this will have to do. (Is it just me or is red especially hard to photograph well?)


My next project is the Precious Metal socks knitalong by Louise Tillbrook. It is now in week 2, although I only joined this week. So far it has been pretty disastrous, as I cast on the larger size using 2.5mm needles and they are way too big on the ankles already. I had every intention of knitting two at a time properly, but the pattern is quite complicated and I decided I would probably lose track if I tried it. Instead, I cast on both on separate needles (which now both need frogging and starting all over again!) I’ve used another West Yorkshire Spinners 4 ply yarn, from the Florist Collection-last year I used the peach version of the same yarn for some socks and they are lovely to wear. Hopefully the smaller ones will be better-fingers crossed this time next week I will have some progress.


What are you working on this week? Do you have any tips for getting socks the perfect size?

14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-13th March

  1. Love the flax. I have actually picked up my Flax light this week which has been sitting while I work on a couple of quilts. A EPP and a machine one. My finger started to get sore with the EPP so had to swap over to something else! Sorry no tips for the socks but I do like the colour you have choosen.

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  2. Just lots of practice with socks really. I have a typical go-to vanilla pattern which I can easily modify to do patterns with, and I know how many stitches on 2mm needles I need, and go from there.


  3. I think red in a photo sometimes gets a ‘ready brek’ like glow! Socks – sorry no advice – only ever made one pair of sockletts and got ‘2nd sock syndrome’, not sure I could face all that again although I was recently gifted a book to make socks on 2 needles so you never know I might try a different method one day. I did read recently that making toe up socks is better as you can try them as you go.

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  4. The red sweater is looking beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finish. Hopefully the new needles for your socks will work out better. The yarn is beautiful and will make a lovely pair of socks. Good luck with them. I have never attempted to make socks, so I can’t give you any tips, but I am sure you will work it all out. Currently I am stitching on an oldie but beautiful cross stitch. I also have a crochet project and 2 knitting projects going. I should never be bored, right?

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  5. No words of wisdom on socks! They look fascinating to try and I actually have a pair on a set of needles. I made it to the heel and have no idea how to turn that heel!
    I do have a totally unrelated topic. Several bloggers are wondering if anyone has heard from Cobs recently? Wondering how she is doing.

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