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WIP Wednesday-3rd April

There hasn’t been much to report lately, but I do have a new WIP and progress on an older one. Thanks to the clock change I now also stand a chance of taking photos in natural light in the evenings too, which almost makes up for the protests from my children about going to sleep while it’s still light.

I have got a bit further with my KAL, the Precious Metal socks by Louise Tilbrook. Sock 1 is 4 rows away from making the heel flap and sock 2 has a whole pattern repeat before that. Given that the last part of the pattern was released last week, I suspect I may be the slowest KAL participant ever. I did start a week late though, so that makes it ok, doesn’t it? (Ordering a second Hiya Hiya sharp 9″ circular was well worth it though-it’s handy to be able to work both socks at once.)


I have also started another scrappy project, using the leftovers from my Coastal Crochet blanket. It’s the Battenberg blanket by Cherry Heart, which is lovely because the squares are quite small so even the smallest scraps can be useful. I’ve nicknamed this my Ostrich project, as it allows me to bury my head in the sand about the building work going on right now, with it’s resulting chaos. I’m so grateful that we are having it done, and excited to see the final results, but my house feels like it is upside down. I can’t start to decorate any bits in the existing house that have changed as there are still things to be done, like electrics being moved in the airing cupboard and a wall plate where the boiler used to be. There are things that don’t belong wherever I look and it’s quite stressful. I think the children are picking up on it too, as they seem quite upskittled at the moment. I’m not sure whether my project will be a blanket, a cushion, or just lots of squares. However, I suspect that in the next 5 weeks or so until the building is complete, I may be making quite a few ostrich squares!


The good news is that the builders are doing well with their WIP!


Knitting and crochet may not get very far this weekend, as my daughter was 5 on Monday and is having a unicorn themed party on Saturday, which I still have plenty of organising to do for. That includes baking a cake, which I need to begin after work tomorrow.

How are your projects going? Do you have a background project on the go for when you need something easy?

11 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-3rd April

  1. Oh, building work can be stressful, and at the very least disruptive. Glad you’ve got something you can retreat to during the process. It won’t last forever!
    I tend to just daydream about crafting, but not actually really do any when life is topsy turvy. I still havent rebalanced fully around my unpredictable work schedule, but am sewing my way very slowly through another trouser make.

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    1. Hope you get them done soon. Only 5 weeks ish left building then the hard work begins with decorating it all! Looking forward to having something finished though.


  2. I forgot to mention my background project which is a denim rug when I just want a little dip into making while I am up in the workroom. It is crocheted from old jeans. A long on-going project.

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