A Game of Allotment Limbo

As the title says, we are currently in limbo (not the kind you can create with a rake balanced on two upturned buckets!) because we don’t actually know where to plant anything so our growing season has yet to start. You see, we have our name down to swap allotments but we have no idea when!

A couple of weeks ago, we bought a greenhouse from a gentleman on our allotment site. It then transpired that he is giving up his plot and moving away. The more Mr C and I talked about it, the more we agreed it was sensible to apply for his and move from our current plots. Why, you might ask,when we have done so much on ours?

His plot is a whole one (ours is two half plots end to end), on the other side of the site which has better drained soil. It also has mature fruit trees, although ours are doing very well now they have been in situ for 3 years. It is already laid out to some extent-ours were both blank canvases, which was lovely but a little daunting as to how to organise things. If we move, we would be leaving behind our sheds (except the chicken coop!) as there are already sheds on that plot, as well as the greenhouse which we bought but haven’t moved yet.

We went and spoke to the lady in the Parish Council offices, who is in charge of allotment tenancies. She thought our proposal was a good idea, as we would give up our two halves for the whole one. There is currently a waiting list for half plots but not for whole ones, so it helps to solve a problem for them, so it was agreed in principle that as soon as the current tenant gives in his notice, we will move over.

All of this sounds great but the timing is terrible for getting things planted! We have decided to hold off sowing anything direct, as many seeds can still be sown right up until June, so at that point we can plant in either place. I have sown the seeds which need to go in propogators at home, and will tend to them here until the time comes to plant out-wherever that may be!

Just to throw into the mix of busy things going on, we have also just adopted four chickens from another plot holder who had to give them up due to a change of circumstances. She had put out a plea for someone to take them on, and we had been considering buying more chickens, so it seemed like it was meant to be. We met up with her yesterday and moved them across to our big coop, where they seem to have settled  nicely. They bought with them a toy xylophone, so we shall look forward to a musical accompaniment to our gardening! Today we also collected two eggs, so the move has clearly not been too distressing. We are hoping that our retired-from-egg-laying girl will be able to go in with them shortly. At present her coop is parked next to theirs so they can glare at each other from a short distance without any feathers flying!

Bounty, Polo, Malty and Bandit

Whilst we were waiting to meet the lady with the chickens, my son and I tidied up the sheds so that should our allotment move happen, we are ready to go without having to have a sort out first. It was quite satisfying really, a very productive day even if no planting was involved.

Hopefully we will know soon where we are going to be growing this season. We have kept on top of both current plots by mowing them, and the front one is ready for planting in should the move not go ahead.

(Let’s not mention the fact that the house extension is 1 week away from completion and the fact we will have that to decorate too!)

12 thoughts on “A Game of Allotment Limbo

    1. Very exciting! You’re right about the growing, last year I didn’t sow anything direct until the second may bank holiday and it worked out fine, and the pumpkins etc stayed at home until then too.

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  1. That’s a bit of a quandary, is it worth talking to the gentleman to see if you can start planting your stuff now, it’s a risk in case he changes his mind, but at least things could start moving.

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  2. I hope your move comes through soon! We were just happy to get our potatoes and peas in the ground today. It is very late for us but our Spring came late and too much rain made it impossible to do sooner.

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