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Let the decorating commence!

Today, exactly 10 weeks after the builders arrived at our house, the baton was passed to us. They have finished the basics of our extension-the walls are plastered and woodwork is in place, so now we begin the mammoth task of decorating.

Upstairs we have a bathroom to decorate, as well as our daughter’s room and the landing and a new corridor where the previous bathroom was. (Our son is on a countdown to his sister moving out of ‘his’ room so I have a feeling hers might be one of the first to be tackled!) We will also need to decorate his room and the existing landing so that it matches the rest. The new corridor has a double sized cupboard which will also be given a coat of paint inside.

collage 2019-05-13 21_29_467788847936939046087..jpg
New bedroom, corridor and bathroom

Downstairs, we have a utility room, dining (craft!) room, small lobby and downstairs toilet to decorate, as well as the porch to paint. The living room and kitchen, which were part of the original house, also need painting as the living room was where the wall was cut through, and the kitchen has a freshly plastered patch where the old boiler was removed.

collage 2019-05-13 21_29_057536094968268668326..jpg
Downstairs wc, dining room and utility room

I have lost count of the number of rooms/smaller areas of the house which will need decorating, but I do know that Mr C and I are going to be very busy in the coming weeks and months. We have chosen colour schemes for several rooms, but others remain a mystery. We are prioritising rooms that will be used a lot, so the dining and utility rooms are being left until last as we don’t need to have them done straight away. (There are two rooms that aren’t being decorated-our room and the conservatory!)

I don’t even know where to begin! I have until tomorrow morning to decide…

24 thoughts on “Let the decorating commence!

  1. Exciting times, I agree you end up doing everywhere. Personally I would start with the children’s room so they have a haven to play in whilst you can get on with the rest of the rooms. Happy decorating x

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