WIP Wednesday-22nd May

With all of the decorating going on in our house I’ve not done much craft, but for my birthday earlier this month I was given a crochet kit which I started on the day (whilst camped out in the kids bedroom, the only place not being plastered/plumbed in!) It was a Cath Kidston cushion kit in a pretty but useful tin.

I have completed all of the granny squares for the front and worked most of the back too. The front squares are a bit wrinkly and wonky and desperately need blocking, but my blocking board doesn’t have the right size holes in yet. I will have to get the drill out!

It also appears that I will be short of yarn (mainly red) and a quick Google showed that I am not alone. I am going to have a look for a suitable colour in my stash-the border is a shell one so it will need quite a bit of yarn too. I may also have a slight issue with the back of the cushion not being large enough-I will sew all of the front squares together first (after blocking) to check.

What have you been working on lately? And do you have any colour suggestions for the border of my cushion? I’d love to hear!

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-22nd May

  1. Ooh I may have to look this up to buy for my Mum – she loooooves Cath Kidston!
    I must say those colours look really lovely together without the red, but maybe you want to use red to tie the back and front together.

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