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Long time, no see!

It’s only been a fortnight since my last post, but it feels like ages. Things here are incredibly busy-the decorating is still in full swing and almost every spare minute is taken up with a little job. The allotment is also very much a work in progress!

I’ll start off with a little decorating update. We have a countdown chart for the number of doors painted (there are 9, each one requiring 3 coats per side-needless to say the countdown chart is keeping us going!) So far we have fully completed 5 doors, so we are doing well. Almost all skirting boards and door architraves have been painted, we just have the one around the cupboard on the landing to do. Last week’s rainy weather provided a perfect opportunity for me to paint on my days off, so I did the bathroom walls and the woodwork around the living room doorway. We completed our daughter’s room last weekend too, and she finally moved into it. (Both children took a while to get used to having their own rooms but they are settling better at night after a shaky start!) Her room still needs extra furniture-a bookshelf and wardrobe-but both are in use in other rooms. As we complete more rooms, we will move things around and it will eventually come together I’m sure.

As you can imagine, crochet and other craft time is very limited right now. However, I have managed a bit of work on a couple of projects. My cushion cover is coming on well-I am currently joining the two halves and working a border. I have also finally put together my daughter’s dreamcatcher, though we have yet to hang it in her room properly. As well as those, I also made the Love Yourself mandala by the Fibre Lounge using Stylecraft Classique cotton.

Last but not least, an allotment update. There are no photos, but we had such a lot of rain in Lincolnshire that it was underwater for some of last week so just imagine a lot of very muddy mud and some submerged grass. Even now it is very soggy, and we have resigned ourselves to not planting much else this year. With the decorating projects on the go, we can only spread ourselves so far so we are going to collect the fruit as it matures, look after the things we have planted and keep it mown and maintained. Sadly our elderly chicken also died last week (not due to rain, she was just old bless her). We do still need to work on building a coop with larger run for the other chickens, but for now we are just moving theirs around so they have always got some fresh weeds to peck at and ground to dig in.

I think that just about sums up what I’ve been doing, I’m hoping to share more decorating photos once more rooms are completed (we have everything for the bathroom, so it just needs a couple of good days of work to get it all done).


9 thoughts on “Long time, no see!

  1. It’s strange that many areas are having so much rain every week. It started back in the winter. I hear about tornadoes like no other time. Anyhow, I use cotton and other natural materials to knit or crochet. But I’ve had some yarns maybe too long because I don’t do craft work as often. Take care now.

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