WIP Wednesday-17th July

At the moment, I have just the one project on the go. I saw the photos of this CAL and couldn’t resist-despite my dislike of sewing in ends and joining up squares, this one was too cute to resist!

It’s the Unicorn Dreams CAL by Cute Crochet Makes, and is a really fun mix of different squares-applique, colourwork and a rainbow of pastel yarns work together so perfectly that I knew I needed to make this for my daughter’s room.

Looking at the size, I may need to repeat some squares to make it more single bed sized, but I ordered 2 balls each of the recommended colours of Sylecraft Special DK so there should be enough.

I’m actually a little bit behind, but trying to catch up. I’m finding that, particularly with the applique squares, it takes 2 evenings per square. One to make the square and one to make and neatly attach the applique. With 4 or 5 squares being released each week, the maths is currently not in my favour!

However long it takes, it’ll be worth it. The six squares I’ve completed have been very enjoyable to make, especially the rainbow with clouds.

I can see this being a long term project, but I love the colours and the patterns are fab.

12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-17th July

  1. I can see that’ll fit perfectly with the unicorn themed room! Are they expecting people to keep up with the CAL? 4 or 5 squares every week sounds like a lot, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up either.

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