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WIP Wednesday-31st July

It’s finally school holidays, which means a little bit more time for us all to do the things we want. I have enforced screen free time in the mornings for the children (and myself!) They have used it to read their library books and work towards the summer reading challenge, and I have used it for crochet. I haven’t normally been printing the patterns, choosing to just read them off my phone, but screen free means screen free so I have printed the odd one!

I’ve mainly been working on the unicorn dreams blanket, and the most recent square has really challenged me because I have never had much success with bobbles. For this reason, I’m quite proud of this square-the bobbles aren’t perfect but they are certainly ‘bobblier’ than my usual efforts!

I also started a knitting project for the first time in months. Mr C inspired it as he very kindly bought me a skein of hand dyed yarn from the Peak District when he went for a day with a friend. It is stunning yarn, so I chose a simple ish pattern-the Worth the Fuss shawl by Louise Tilbrook. It’s nice to have a knitting project on the go after several months with nothing on my needles (I actually had to find the needles first!)

Here’s the skein:

And here’s the project:

(I’m also very proud as it only took me an hour to wind the skein into a ball-my fastest time ever!)

I may not have got far with the knitting, but I have written out the pattern rows with stitch count in a little book so that if I put it down for a while I know where to start again-I’d say that used my time hanging around at the swimming pool between the children’s lessons very well!

What are you working on this week? Let me know, you can always tag me on instagram @craftandothercrazyplans

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-31st July

  1. I love that the colours change so quickly you have only done a bit but you can see lots of colours in that small piece. So often the colours are so strung out that you have great blocks of colour rather than lots of changes. I look forward to seeing your shawl grow.
    Also congratulations in making rules for the children which you yourself follow too. Children learn by example but so often parents seem to limit screen time for their youngsters whilst still permanently having a phone attached to their own hand.

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    1. Thank you, the yarn is lovely and I’m enjoying seeing how the colours come out. The no screen time thing is important to me, its too easy with a blog, instagram, facebook etc to be glued to it so not having it gives me a different focus.


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