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WIP Wednesday-21st August

I now have three projects on the go, and all are coming along nicely thanks to some long car journeys on holidays.

I am up to the heart bobble squares on the unicorn dreams blanket. I need to make 25 and each takes quite a long time, so I might be on this stage for a while! The colour changes and sewing in of ends are time consuming, but worth it.

The worth the fuss shawl is also doing nicely, I’ve completed two eyelet sections now. I’m really enjoying the colours in this yarn. I seem to have had a couple of tension issues in places which I’m hoping will block out fairly easily.

I also started a new project. Mr C sent me into a yarn shop on holiday with £20, and I didn’t want anything for me so I picked up some sock yarn and DPNs to make him some proper socks. For ages I’ve been telling him how good wool socks are for keeping feet warm at night in the tent so I thought I’d make him some. (He has size 12 feet so they may take some time on 2.25mm needles!) The yarn is a Rico one, and is making some beautiful stripes.

That’s all for now, I’m keeping myself very busy! What are you working on?

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-21st August

  1. You have been a good busy. Me? …not much crafting as I’m in charge of my 96 year old dad while my mom has been in the hospital and rehab. Not sure when she will be able to come home.It has been a challenge to say the least.

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  2. Fingers crossed that they go over his foot and fit well! I’m sure he’ll be sending you to the yarn store quite often to pick up some more sock yarn after he feels how great knitted socks are 😀

    I absolutely adore the colors in that blanket. I can’t remember if you are making it for someone? Or just because you liked the pattern? It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

    And the shawl is super pretty too!

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