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WIP Wednesday-9th October

It’s been a while since I posted, but at least I have some new WIPs to talk about! Last time I posted, I mentioned that I was knitting a pair of socks for Mr C on double pointed needles. I enjoyed making them so much that I cast on a pair for myself once I’d finished his, and they are almost done now too. That’s definitely a sign that I’ve not blogged for a while, as my sock knitting speed is hardly record breaking!

I’m using West Yorkshire Spinners fairylights yarn, with contrast cuffs, heels and toes in their cayenne pepper colourway. It’s given me a chance to learn a new skill-the clasped weft join. This tutorial video was extremely helpful and I think I’ve got the hang of it now. I love how the patterns appear from the yarn, it’s really addictive and at this rate I will definitely have then done by Christmas. (I do need to invest in a DPN holder for when I’ve got projects on the go, so if you know of a tutorial for making one, or a good Etsy shop, let me know!)


The new football season is well and truly underway, and I’ve noticed the weather getting progressively chillier each week. Now that both my Saturday and Sunday mornings are spent cheering my son on, I decided I should make myself a hat scarf and gloves set. I used yarn from stash, which was Stylecraft Special DK in violet, and a pattern from the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine. At the moment, I’ve completed the mittens and the band of the hat, which is not bad progress for 4 days into the project.


I’m still ploughing on through the 25 bobble heart squares which are needed for the unicorn dreams blanket I’m working on for my daughter. (I didn’t take a photo as they all look the same as the ones in my last post.) Now that I know the pattern fairly well, I’m faster at making them but because of the need for 8 colours of yarn they don’t make a very good portable project so other things have had my attention more.

I have plans for more socks, and a few Christmas bits and bobs once I’ve completed some more projects.

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-9th October

  1. My mother was an avid knitter and always had several projects on the go. She wound small elastic bands onto the ends of DPNs and corks on the end of normal needles. Not only were there always things for the family on the go but she also was a model knitter for both the main wool shop in Derby and for a knitting magazine. If she sat, she would be knitting, and I spent hours as a child with my arms outstretched holding skeins of wool whilst she was busy winding. We discussed everything from homework to problems whilst winding wool. Happy memories.

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