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January Rainbows

January-the month that has at least 100 days, all of which seem so dark and gloomy after all the bright lights and festivities-is my least favourite. This one has seemed especially odd with me not being at work, which normally distracts me from the post Christmas blues. However, there was some brightness (on 30th December actually, but what’s 2 days in the grand scheme of things?) when my consultant gave me the results of my interim PET/CT scan. It showed that there was no active cancer in my body, and the masses that were there previously had all shrunk and no longer showed up-I had had a ‘complete metabolic response’ to treatment. It was wonderful news to end the year on, and has given me a boost as I continue my chemotherapy-there are 6 more sessions to go. Because I’d had such a good response, one of the drugs (the one most likely to cause long term lung damage) has been dropped from my treatment too, although I haven’t noticed a difference in side effects yet.

The theme of this post, rainbows, begins with the calendar my Granny gave me for Christmas. It is now hanging in my newly-decorated craft room (cheers Mr C, your flat pack furniture assembly skills are much appreciated!) It’s nice to have a new rainbow for each month of the year.


I’ve also tried to keep things bright with my craft projects. One, my scarf, is made from the yarn from my advent calendar. I treated myself to a yarn advent calendar from Demelza’s Delights, a UK dyer based in Cornwall, and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a pattern included with it and I decided to use it as I quite fancied a great big scarf for football days. It’s beautifully simple and shows off the yarn, and as I approach the final few colours the rainbow effect is really beginning to show. It is surprisingly quick to work up, and my 5 year old is an excellent yarn holder when I need to wind each mini skein into a ball. I think she will miss her job when I’ve finished the scarf! The photo shows progress up to colour 14, and I’m now on number 16 out of 20, so hopefully I might have a scarf before the end of winter.


I also started a rainbow crochet project, for a friend’s baby which is due in April. We worked together to choose a pattern and yarns, and I think they are perfect partners. It’s the Bertie baby blanket by Little Doolally, a paid pattern from Ravelry which I used 2 years ago to make a blanket for another friend’s baby, combined with Stylecraft yarns. We chose slightly muted rainbow colours to give a vintage effect, with cream as the contrast. The photo makes the colours seem brighter than they are in real life, but they are lovely together. I’ve completed one full stripe of each colour, so still have a long way to go. I think once my scarf is finished I will focus my attention fully on it.


At the start of the month, I felt quite grumpy about the dark days, but tonight when I took my daughter to Rainbows it was still light at 4:30 (just!) so we are getting there-the craft projects provided a welcome distraction and the month seems to have flown by. How are you brightening up your January? Or do you just hibernate? (I quite fancy that option but needing to get up to do the school run gets in the way a bit!)

14 thoughts on “January Rainbows

  1. What a bright and cheerful post for me to read at the end of this Month Mrs C.. Such GOOD news on your results and so happy for you… The craft projects are beautiful, but then all of your skills are done so beautifully well and always they are bright and cheerful.. Your scarf looks lovely as does the baby blanket and I am sure your friend will be delighted with the finished result..
    Not long to go now before January gives way to Feb.. Wish we had had more bright Sunny days.. But at least we are not snowbound..Sending you love and well wishes Mrs C…
    And you can soon turn over your calendar to a bright new rainbow…
    Love to you… <3πŸŒˆπŸ’œπŸ™

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  2. I am so happy that your test results came back with great news. Prayers that all goes well with the rest of your therapy and that you remain cancer free. I love your advent scarf! Such pretty colors. And the baby blanket is looking lovely. Since I freak out at the site of snow flakes, I don’t go out much in the winter. My stitching keeps me going and on days I can get out, I go somewhere, even just to walk around the craft store for a while. I do not miss the driving the kids to and from school in the winters at all. I am counting the days until Spring πŸ˜‰

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