A Confused Rose

Earlier today, Mr C and I popped down to our allotment to assess the damage from the recent storms. We hadn’t been since October, so we weren’t sure what we would find.

The entrance to the plot was several centimetres underwater, with just a few blades of grass poking up through it (and we hadn’t cut it since the autumn so the grass was pretty long!) The burning heap was spread out across the path and one of the beds, so that needed a quick tidy. The weed membrane which we’d use to cover the two largest beds had escaped from under the scaffold poles which were meant to be weighing it down, so we spent a little time smoothing that out. (By ‘we’ I mean Mr C did the work, and I directed!)

The only other damage was a section of roofing felt being blown off the shed roof, which Mr C is going to sort out another day once he’s bought a roll of felt. It was whilst we were inspecting that damage that we found a rose bud on the large climbing rose around the shed veranda. That poor confused flower, poking it’s head out in February!

This is the first spring that we’ve had this plot, so our plot inspection also gave us a few surprises in the form of spring flowers that the previous tenant had planted. Lots of daffodils, including under the fruit trees, and crocuses by the pond. They all looked so pretty in the bright sunshine this morning-it definitely feels like spring is in the air!

Our visit today has given us some food for thought about which jobs we need to do to prepare for the growing season ahead. I’m very keen to get the greenhouse tidied, glazed and set up. Of course, I need to take it steady and be careful not to overdo it, but the fresh air did me good.

4 thoughts on “A Confused Rose

  1. Its wonderful to see the flowers of spring blooming isn’t it Mrs C.. And so pleased your plot didn’t sustain too much dammage..
    Our greenhouse on the plot was the only thing to get damaged with a few panes of glass which blew out and broke… ALL replaceable..
    Good to see you are getting things sorted and plans ready for planting 🙂 Lets hope we do not get any weather wise spring suprises..
    Take care Mrs C.. ❤

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