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The Abandoned Blanket

Have you ever started a project, put it down and found it hard to pick up again? That’s exactly what happened to me with my daughter’s Unicorn Dreams blanket (a free pattern by cute crochet makes). I started it last summer, when, unbeknown to me at the time, I was showing symptoms of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although I was making good progress on it, I came to a grinding halt with it as my diagnosis went on. Partly down to finding everything hard to deal with, and partly down to the fact I’d reached the 25 tricky rainbow bobble squares, I stopped working on it and packed it away in my craft room.

collage 2019-07-17 21_21_278849897879649962801..jpg
Some of the Unicorn Dreams squares

The blanket yarn and completed squares stayed in my craft room for months-I just couldn’t bear to work on it as it reminded me of the diagnosis process. A couple of weeks before my treatment ended, I decided I wanted to work on it again, but with some modifications to the pattern. One of the things stopping me from picking it up again was the fact I needed to make a lot more of the rainbow squares. Whilst they are beautiful, they each take a long time to make and require a lot of sewing in of ends (my pet hate). I wanted to make the blanket larger than the one in the pattern, so I actually needed 32 of those squares. I wasn’t even enjoying making them, and what is the point in a hobby if you’re not enjoying it?

The pretty but tricky rainbow bobble square

I decided to use the pattern for the bobbles, but make each square in only one colour. After a little playing with stitch counts to make the border narrower, I successfully made a square I was happy with and which didn’t make me grumpy. My motivation was back (at least until I had to untangle all of the yarn in the bag-all 8 colours!) and I had a plan. I drew up a sketch of how I thought the squares could be laid out so that I knew how many of each colour to make. They aren’t quite as pretty or fancy as the original ones, although I think they will complement the much more detailed applique squares quite nicely.

My modified version of the heart bobble square

My plan is to have the blanket completed before the end of the summer holidays. (If we are still in lockdown, will we even know where school ends and summer holidays begin? Who knows?) I have other projects on the go, so I am only working on it intermittently, but at least I’m working on it again. I’d left it so long I didn’t even know which size hook to use! Thank goodness for photos I’d taken on my phone to refer back to.

I also have a scarf that I worked on when waiting for appointments, and even during my first chemotherapy (I haven’t touched it since then). I hate that scarf now for all the memories it holds, and it isn’t very long, so it will be frogged and hopefully the yarn will be turned into something more cheery. Isn’t it funny how we work more than just yarn into each project we make? Hopefully this blanket will be full of happier things now!

19 thoughts on “The Abandoned Blanket

  1. So sorry to hear a project reminds you of a difficult time. However – it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I do hope you continue and gain happy thoughts. I agree it sometimes seems pointless to continue to make something if you aren’t enjoying it. I am midway through a toy mermaid and am hating it – I am not a natural toymaker, too fiddly! I was grimacing the other day and my husband was in the room – he said ‘why don’t you just stop if you hate making it’ – I am going to give it another go today before I make that decision. It’s supposed to be for a great niece’s birthday next month – I thought the perfect project to complete during lockdown. Wish me luck!

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  2. Our projects are definitely reminders of times, places, feelings and health issues. I am glad that are able to work on the Unicorn Dreams blanket aagIn. It is going to be so gorgeous!! All of those squares are adorable and I love the puffed hearts. Even in one color.
    I used to think that I could never abandon a project. But I have learned that if it is not joyful and brings struggle, let it go. The scarf definitely sounds like a let go project. I’m sure the yarn can be used for a much happier project in the future. Be safe. Stay healthy 🙂

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  3. This is going to be so pretty and though I love your rainbow square I can see where it would be very time consuming. After all its your hobby and your blanket so go with what makes you happy – the whole point of a hobby xx

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  4. Who likes weaving in ends? I like your modified version. Looking good so far.
    Only one unfinished project? Really I have bags of them! Every time I do a tidy up I find something and think I really should finish that! UM maybe one day I’ll finish some of the UFO or frog them!

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  5. I just saw your completed blanket and clicked the link to this one. I think a lot of us understand a difficult time and hating anything that reminds us of that. You are completely human and it’s wonderful you did complete the blanket, I’m sure at times it was hard but the smile on your daughters face I’m sure is worth it. It’s absolutely beautiful and I actually think the non-rainbow hearts compliment it better. Now scrap that scarf and make something that will give you good feels. Blessings.


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