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Stats, more stats and a hint of radioactivity

I am currently sat in our caravan at the end of the driveway, having been ‘allowed’ out to go to the hospital for my PET/CT scan (I’ve got to let the radioactivity wear off before I can go near the children). It was an early appointment, or would have been if the radioactive injections had arrived in time. Anyway, I felt like I was on some kind of wild and rebellious adventure leaving the house on my own and driving all that way having not left the village we live in since April 8th. (I’d have taken a more scenic route home to make the most of it if I hadn’t needed a wee quite so badly!) Whilst I was doing my hour long wait for the injection to do its work I thought about the stats relating to my cancer journey. There were quite a lot!

I have had:

3 different consultants

14 consultant appointments
1 needle biopsy
1 surgical biopsy
14 cannulas (3 were on the same day when my veins kept collapsing)
1 PICC line
15 dressing changes on that PICC line
4 types of dressings after my skin reacted to them
11 PICC line flushes
16 blood tests (and plenty more to come as they form the basis of my check ups)
1 ultrasound scan
1 CT scan
3 PET/CT scans (it sounds like you’re in a washing machine, and coincidentally lasts about the same time as a wash cycle)
1 bone marrow biopsy
1 lung function test
1 heart scan
12 chemotherapy treatments
10 different supporting medications through treatment (I had to get a medicine reminder app)
23 self administered injections to stimulate my bone marrow
1 ride in an ambulance
3 trips to A & E (I now have ‘frequent attender’ on my notes which is embarrassing and makes me look like someone that gets in a fight after a few drinks at the weekend-each visit was after calling my chemo team for advice and them telling me to go though!)
1 sleepover in hospital (very uncomfortable with obs done every hour!)
4 doctor’s notes for work
2 haircuts with clippers
2 wigs (the second was a big waste of money as we went into lockdown a week after it arrived!)
4 scars (at least, I’ve got some tiny ones from cannulas but I’m not counting those)
Lots of get well soon cards and messages of support and love which I am ever so grateful for
Countless tears and tantrums about how unfair life is, but we won’t go into that

It’s been quite a journey-I’m no longer so afraid of needles, although I never imagined I’d need to inject myself, or that I’d have a sharps bin in my gin cupboard. I’m now going to spend the rest of my afternoon relaxing with some crafts and watching some podcasts as the wi fi just (only just!) reaches the caravan.

12 thoughts on “Stats, more stats and a hint of radioactivity

  1. It’s crazy how it all adds up isn’t it! And makes us realise exactly what our poor bodies have been through! Take care, Juliet xx

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  2. Glad to hear you are doing well. You have had quite a journey with all of this. I admit….I did snort a bit when I read that you could not take the scenic route home due to the need to wee. I totally understand that!

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