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WIP Wednesday-15th July

I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday for ages and ages, so I thought it might be about time for me to share. Most of my craft time is used up on one project, as I’m on a serious mission to finish my daughter’s blanket. Or more to the point, she is on a serious mission to get me to finish her blanket! It is the Unicorn Dreams blanket by Cute Crochet Makes, slightly modified to make it larger and with the heart squares simplified.

Progress has been pretty good, I’ve now completed all 32 heart bobble squares, plus 21 picture/fancy squares. I’ve got the borders to work on 6 heart squares, and 10 more pattern ones to make. Because I have made the blanket larger, I’ll need to repeat 7 of the pattern squares, but because 7 different colours are used I can still make them look different. I’ve enjoyed the bobble squares as they were quite a mindful project-I had memorised the pattern well so they were good to just pick up and work on.


No perfection here, I’ve given up on the curly corners-most squares have been dry blocked but I think they might need a very gentle steam. I don’t want to flatten the bobbles though, so I really will have to be careful.

I also have a sock on my knitting needles, as I often do. The photo doesn’t do the yarn justice as it is the most beautiful pale blush pink with speckles in. It was my birthday treat from Hedgerow Yarns, and came with a really stunning pink contrast yarn too. The pattern I’m using is Drippity Drop socks, and although at first it looked quite daunting, it is actually a really nice 4 row repeat. I’m in no rush as the blanket is my first priority, but I’m sure I’ll crack on with these once it is done (or if I get to the point of needing to join the squares and decided my brain is fried and I need a rest!)


I only have these two on the go at the moment, what are you working on?

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-15th July

  1. Your daughter’s blanket is going to be so amazing! The squares are beautiful and the colors are so warm and cheery. I don’t have anything on my needles right now. Yep, finished all of my knitting projects and abandoned 1. But I did join a MAL that is starting at the end of the month, so I am looking forward to getting back to knitting.

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  2. Loving the bobbly squares. I too give up when the item is curling – it eventually sorts itself out when it’s joined together. Nice to see something so colourful here.

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  3. Those squares look so cute! And what lovely yarn for socks, very pretty!
    Since I finished my advent blanket last week I’ve not done much knitting or crochet. Haven’t started anything new, just knitted one row on a basic garter stitch blanket and a few rounds on a hat. I’m a crocheter with no crochet on the hook though!

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      1. I know! I keep starting small projects today but ripping back what I’ve done after a few rounds – just can’t seem to settle on something!


  4. Gorgeous socks! Um I have a habitation throw to finish, a quilt to hand stitch the binding, some dolls to make, face masks on the go and a premmie baby hat to cast off. That is with out the endless list of “want to do!” 🙂


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