A Blanket is Born

The Unicorn Dream Blanket by Cutecrochetmakes has dominated my WIP Wednesday posts, and my Instagram feeds for over a year now, and it is finally finished. I felt it deserved a post of it’s own in celebration, after all it was a real labour of love!

My blanket is not quite true to the original design, as I couldn’t deal with all the colour changes and ends in the rainbow heart squares so I switched them for plain bobble hearts (I wrote all about that in this post). I also missed the odd square and bought the pattern for the cushion that goes with the blanket in order to get more new squares rather than repeating some-the blanket is a free pattern, but I needed some extra squares and it only seemed fair to buy the pattern and support the designer.

The original is also 7×7 squares, but as it is for my daughter who is a very tall 6 year old I added an additional two rows so it is long enough to last her a good while. In order to help me, I drew out a plan of the squares so I knew how many of each colour bobble heart to make. Excuse the terrible photo, but this crumpled piece of paper lived in my project bag and I even kept a tally of squares completed at the bottom of it-partly as motivation to keep going! (The ‘P’s represent the picture/pattern squares from the original design.

Once I had finally finished all 63 squares I laid them out on my kitchen floor as in the diagram, and had a play around until I liked the arrangement. I then took a photo for reference when joining the squares, as the pattern used the continuous flat braid join and I needed to keep track of it all.

It doesn’t look like much does it with all the curly corners? I didn’t mess about with blocking though as it was acrylic yarn and I knew that once joined they would have no choice but to be flat. (Also I was really impatient to get started on joining them!) I used the flat braid join as recommended, but I only made 2 chains for each loop rather than 3 as I didn’t want it to be too lacy. In the photo, the bobble squares have white edges but once I started the join they looked horrid and made the lines look wonky so I ripped out every single one (there are 32 heart bobble squares) and re did the borders in the same colour yarn as the squares. It took me a whole day, but it looked so much better. Once I’d joined them, I looked at the border. I was going to change it, but decided to use the one in the design as it was pretty (it was also 7 very very long rounds of crochet plus a row of white shells!)

Here it is all completed, shortly before my daughter claimed it.

I’m so pleased with it, and so is she. I was really motivated to finish it knowing I should be going into hospital for a stem cell transplant, unfortunately my 2nd lot of treatment didn’t do the trick and get me into remission so I’m starting some more chemotherapy shortly. Fingers crossed that works as the plan is still to have a stem cell transplant after that. At least the blanket is finished now-I am assured it is very warm (it is also really heavy-I’ve not weighed it but I think it has used at least 12 100g balls of yarn). Madam has a list of other unicorn things that I might like to make for her room bless her, we will see!

22 thoughts on “A Blanket is Born

  1. I’ve been following along on the whole blanket and am so happy to see it finished! What a blessing for your daughter…it is adorable and so cute! I know what a labor of love it was too. I have a niece that would adore one of these, but I’m afraid I’d want to keep it for myself šŸ˜€

    I will keep all of my bits crossed for a successful treatment. Hugs.

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  2. WOW the blanket looks amazing! Worth taking the time to make the changes so you are happier with it. Love it. Perfect for a young girl.

    Thinking of you with your next round of treatment. Hoping it all goes well. Hugs from Aus.

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  3. Oh well done, it’s so beautiful! Looking at it there I can’t imagine the bobble hearts any other colours, they work so perfectly.
    I shall keep all my fingers and toes crossed for the next round of treatment.


  4. Wow! The blanket turned out so awesome! I enjoyed watching this one come together and knew that it would be amazing when finished. I am sure it will be your daughter’s favorite for a very long time.

    Fingers crossed and prayers sent for a successful round of chemo this time. (((Hugs)))


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