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Springing Back Into Action

Since my last post before Christmas, I’ve had my stem cell transplant and begun my recuperation. I won’t say too much about it, other than that it completely wiped me out. My actual transplant was 10 weeks ago, on January 6th and I was away from my family for 23 days. As the weeks have gone by, I’ve been able to start doing a little bit of craft here and there without being completely exhausted. Perhaps it’s also the changing seasons that have given me a little more energy too. That said, my post title might be slightly misleading-I’d say creaking back into action is a little more apt, given how achy I am!

Just before one of my chemotherapy cycles back in September, I planted some bulbs in pots to go around the front of our house. The bulb selection I bought had various types in and is intended to keep flowering until early summer, this is how one of the pots looks this week. Such a cheering sight with all of those bright colours! When I planted them, I remember thinking how far away spring seemed, but here we are.

As I always do, I made Mother’s Day cards for both mine and Mr C’s mums. I bought myself a new Sizzix die of flowers in a welly boot, and used my Sizzix Sidekick to cut the many pieces needed for these cards. On the tiny pieces, I put double sided tape on the back of the card before running it through the cutter to save trying to apply glue to really tiny pieces. It worked a treat! For my mum, I used the welly die and all of the flowers, and for Mr C’s mum I used the flowers and foliage to try and create a floral arrangement. The picture in my head looked better than it did in real life, but it was nice to be back in my craft room and actually making something. I even got the Silhouette Cameo out to write the text using the sketch pens. It was fun trying to choose colours that went together, although in the end I will admit I just got out all of my card scraps and hoped for the best!

In terms of yarn related crafts, I’ve stuck to simple things as I’ve found it hard to focus. Where I live, we have a knitting group (online only) to make things for various charities and the maternity wards at local hospitals. I used the Attic24 Granny Stripe pattern to make a rainbow blanket for the maternity ward. It took me a while-so many flipping ends to sew in! However, finishing it felt like an achievement too and I’ve started another one for them, although it is far simpler and all one colour this time.

For a while there, whilst I was literally exhausted just from basic tasks like eating, I couldn’t imagine doing any craft and I was worried I had forgotten how to enjoy it. Now I feel much more positive, and have lots of ideas for things I’d like to make. A spring garland for the porch window is high on my list, I just can’t decide what to put on it! If you have any ideas for something that I could make about 20 of, and that would look nice when viewed from either side of the window, please share. A lot of crochet flowers, whilst pretty, don’t look so good from the back, which is a shame as they were what I was really hoping to make. I did think a row of little bunnies might look nice-perhaps using a pattern intended for applique? But I am open to suggestions, as the window looks really empty without a garland in it.

8 thoughts on “Springing Back Into Action

  1. You have been very productive. That blanket for charity! yes I would make a single colour πŸ˜‰
    Your cards our gorgeous and love the real flowers you planted.
    Hope you have some energy back soon. It was so lovely to see your post.

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