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A bit of a change

You might have noticed that I have changed the name of my blog to Hooked, stitched and glued. I felt that craftandothercrazyplans had had it’s day and that it was time for a refresh. I was told last week, after having a PET/CT scan that I am cancer free after 18 months of treatment, so I’m cautiously starting to look towards the future. Making this change is a part of my plan (don’t ask me what the rest of the plan is, I’m still deciding!)

I’m in the process of changing my name on all of the platforms I use, and I’m also going to spend a little time going through old blog posts and tidying things up around here. Then I can start hopefully adding some fresh content! With the children being at school now, I have a bit more time to finally use my craft room properly, so who knows what I’ll be making. I’d really like to produce more patterns and tutorials as I enjoy writing them.

Hope you are all well, and thanks for sticking with me!

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