May 8th crochet chatter

It’s been a week for staying indoors and crocheting in between the showers, so that’s exactly what I’ve done, in between recovering from shingles and attempting to avoid my son’s cold germs.

It’s still really cold for May, so I felt the need to make myself a new crochet ear warmer. My post-chemo hair growth is coming on nicely, but it’s not quite thick enough to keep me warm! I used a cotton yarn in a slightly paler than bluebell shade (I think it was a Stylecraft one, but the ball band is long gone!) and it is surprisingly warm. My last ear warmer was in cream Stylecraft Special DK and looked a little fuzzy after a lot of use. Also, I lost it so had to make another. To be honest, I didn’t really love it as it made me look like I’d escaped from a spa day because of the colour. This one was a free pattern (here’s a link), and I learned the new skill of making a chainless foundation along the way. I’ve worn it out a couple of times, although it was so cold that I needed my bobble hat on some days and then on Friday I needed my sun hat!

I’ve also worked a lot on the sunburst granny baby blanket. I think there are about two rows to go. I would have finished it if I hadn’t made so many mistakes-I kept putting in the wrong circles and ruining the pattern, then having to frog it back and start again from that position. I also found a handful of circles that had either 15 or 17 clusters instead of 16, whoops! I guess that’s what you get for rushing. I remade them fairly quickly, and a lot more carefully and have checked the rest of the circles that are left to be added. I actually laid it out to take the photo and was pleased with progress so far. The only thing is that right now it looks a bit odd as the right hand side isn’t worked until the very end when you use the join as you go method. I’m planning quite a simple border, hopefully it’ll be done by next week.

The final thing I’ve been working on is an amigurumi dog. I’ve only actually made one of his arms (I didn’t know they had arms but that’s what the pattern said!) It seems like I’ve started making it a bit backwards, but the reason for it is I’d got the yarn etc. in a bag ready to use as car crochet, but didn’t put any stuffing in that bag. As I was starting it in the car, I decided it was best to just make a piece that didn’t need stuffing and closing, so an ‘arm’ it was! The book is by Ricorumi and I’m using Ricorumi yarn as it is a shop sample for my friend’s yarn shop. Once the baby blanket is done, I think I’ll focus on this project properly.

That’s it for this week! What have you been working on? Any new projects in the pipeline? And have you been able to put your winter woolies away yet?

8 thoughts on “May 8th crochet chatter

  1. Your ear warmer looks cosy.
    Our boiler has broken, so we are surviving with a small electric heater and baths filled from kettle and saucepan! The cold and changeable weather right now doesnt help. Can’t wait for a lovely long hot shower when the new one is installed next week!
    Looking forward to seeing the blanket when it’s done.

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