15th May crochet chatter

What a week! I’m surprised I’ve managed any crochet with all that’s been going on-finally having my Hickman line removed from my chest (an unpleasant procedure but thankfully they were generous with the local anaesthetic!), having a throat infection and then once I was better from that having my second Covid-19 vaccination. However, I have actually done a surprising amount.

The baby blanket is finished, washed and ready to gift. I’m disappointed that it isn’t quite perfect-the edges seem to ripple a little, despite me being careful with stitch count and so it doesn’t look all lovely and square as much as I’d like it to. I’m ready to gift it now, although I am having second thoughts and considering frogging the border and trying again. Here it is hanging on the line and after drying. I could block it, but I don’t think acrylic yarn blocks especially well.

The amigurumi dog is coming along nicely, although he isn’t looking his finest in these photos! I ran out of yarn with a leg still to go, but luckily had a spare one in the same colour in my own stash. I just have a leg, both ears and the tail to make before I can assemble him.

My final work in progress is one of those typical ‘put it away for a while and get it back out when not much else is going on’ type projects. It’s a granny shawl using various mini skeins that I’ve collected, mostly from yarn advent calendars but also the leftovers from a couple of socks and shawls. I get it out so infrequently that I have to google the pattern each time to make sure I work the ends of the rows correctly! The last time I worked on this before this week was when I was in hospital in January. It’s a slow burner-my aim is to have it completed before next winter so there’s no pressure. I do like the bright colours, but it is a little in your face!

This week I also had my birthday, so I treated myself to some absolutely beautiful hand dyed yarns from Mr and Mrs Rabbit yarns, who are UK based dyers. They colourway is called Maypole Ribbons, so I took it as a sign that I had to buy them with having a May birthday. I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to make, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

What are you working on this week? And do you have any tips for getting a perfect finish on blankets? Please leave a comment if you do, I’d love to hear!

16 thoughts on “15th May crochet chatter

  1. Your blanket is lovely! I think the little bit of ruffling gives it character. It is a lovely gift and I think you should gift it as is. Your granny shawl is beautiful! All the colors look lovely together. It is a nice project to work on whenever you feel like it and in between projects too.
    I love the new yarns! The oh so soft and pastel colors are so sweet. I look forward to what they will become.
    I hope that you are feeling well after your 2nd vaccine and have no side effects.

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  2. A lovely blanket – I would have left the border – but when it’s your own work only you can decide how you feel about it, despite advice! Gorgeous pastel yarn – a great birthday present to yourself (congratulations on the birthday, tough time to be celebrating). Look forward to seeing what you make with the new yarn – or maybe you’ll keep it awhile and just admire how great it actually looks as skeins!

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    1. Thanks, it was one of those ‘not quite happy with it’ projects. I think the pretty new skeins might remain in the ‘being admired’ category for some time 🀣


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