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May 22nd Crochet chatter

After last week’s post, where I couldn’t decide what to do about the baby blanket border, I ended up frogging it and restarting it. I did a couple of things to improve it-as the first round of border sets things out for future rounds and was worked in white like the background of the squares, I levelled out the height of the stitches. Where the squares met, there was a dip, so I used treble crochet stitches there, whereas for the rest of the border I used double crochet stitches. It didn’t show up too badly that I’d used different height stitches. I also reduced the number of stitches by 80 around the whole border. Both of these things made it less rippled and uneven. I then worked the other rounds in a kind of ‘mini granny’ stitch. (I’m sure there is a proper word for it, but basically I worked 2 half trebles in one stitch, missed a stitch and then 2 in the next one for the first round of it, then worked the next 2 rounds into those as you would a regular granny stitch, 2 htr in each gap and then in the corners 2htr, ch 1, 2htr.) I’m much happier with it and I’ve now given it away so I can’t do anything else to it.

I also finished the Ricorumi dog, he is just adorable. The colour of the eye patch and ear are a shade different to the one in the pattern, but it still worked well. He’s going to live in the Purl a Row yarn shop in Horncastle when I go there (hopefully very soon!) as a sample. It was a bit fiddly- I like making the larger parts of amigurumi but the tiny parts can be tricky. I also find it really hard to join it well, even after pinning it together. The instructions were really quite vague as to where to position things for it to look right so I had to just use the photos as a guide. Other than that I thought the Ricorumi pattern was really easy to follow. I have the yarn to make the bunny from that book and he’s already been claimed by my daughter.

Whilst I was on a roll with amigurumi I got another one finished. He had been in bits in my WIP bag for literally months (since Christmas). It was another Ricorumi pattern from their 12 days of Christmas CAL and was even fiddlier than the puppy! I had been putting off joining as it had so many bits I didn’t know where to begin. Once I’d got going and saw him coming together it spurred me on to get it done. He is very cute, and ready to go in my Christmas decoration box.

That’s it for this week! What are you working on? I don’t know about where you are, but here the weather has been so dull and rainy so I’ve been indoors crocheting a lot more than I normally would at this time of year.

3 thoughts on “May 22nd Crochet chatter

  1. Your blanket looks great (as it did before, too) Glad you are happy with it and can give it away and feel good about it. Your little animals are so cute.
    The weather was very hot and muggy, but today cloudy with rain on the way. Perfect time for inside crafting 😉

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  2. Such gorgeous finished projects.

    I have a list of “to do” crafting projects for the family so should try and make a start on those later today. Just finished some custom cards which I need to share hopefully later today.

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