Crochet Chatter May 30th

Finally the sun is here! Which means this week I’ve spent more time in the garden and at the allotment, and less time crocheting. (We went to Homebase to buy 2 bags of sand for some stepping stones we bought for the lawn, and came out with 18 litres of fence paint, 2 hydrangeas and 3 little plants as well as the 2 bags of sand-anyone else manage to do things like that?) I’ve still managed a little though.

I started a project for the charity knitting group in our village, just a little crib sized blanket, last Saturday. I used the free 6 day kid blanket pattern, but modified it so I was changing colours less (less ends, less faff!). I just used some lilac yarn I was given and some white from my stash. Although both yarns are DK weight, I’ve used a 5mm hook. This was kind of an accident, as I sized up to make the foundation row and forgot to change back. I don’t think it was to oversized for the job though and the blanket has worked up really quickly. It’s taken more than 6 days, but my shoulder was playing up a little bit so I had a couple of days off. I don’t think it’ll take much longer, and I’ll only add a simple border so it’ll be a nice little thing to add to my stash of items for them-my mum gave me some hats she had knitted so I’ve got those here ready to go with my blanket, and I’ve got some bonding hearts that I made too.

Once this is finished I have a few other projects I’d like to focus on, but I’ll probably start another simple baby blanket using the yarn I was gifted-it seems right to use it for charity projects and share it like that. I’m also thinking of making a little hat to match this blanket, as I have some lilac left. Can you recommend a simple crochet hat pattern that comes in newborn size? Please leave a link below if you can.

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