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Craft Chatter-19th June

It’s been a few weeks since I posted much, things have been very busy in the background getting ready for upcoming changes in September-more on those another time. I have started a new project, and had quite a fun day earlier this week cardmaking and trying out new techniques.

I’ll start with my crochet project, which is the Lost in Time shawl. It is a lovely pattern, though it does require a lot of concentration to ensure stitch counts are correct (not my strongest point). I’m using a gorgeous yarn in shades of yellow and brown which is hand dyed by Felt Fusion. When it runs out, I have another hand dyed skein, again from Felt Fusion, which has some of the shades of yellow and some blue in it too. Both yarns have some Stelina in so they have a subtle sparkle. I love the way it is working up, and using a yarn which is so full of different yellow and brown tones means I never get bored of it. The stitches used look a lot more complicated than they really are too. It is actually far more gold toned than it looks in the photo.

On Thursday this week, I realised I hadn’t yet made the Father’s Day cards for this Sunday, and I had a few birthday cards to make too. As soon as I got in from the school run I went into the craft room to crack on and try and get them all done before the afternoon school pick up. A while back, I bought a magazine for cardmaking inspiration and it came with a free birds stamping and die cutting set. I thought my father in law might like a bird on his card, so I had a look at one of the ‘recipes’ the magazine provided for getting started. I loved the colours in the blue tit they had made, so I found similar colours in my own ink stash and had a go. It was so fiddly, and I don’t think I quite have the required level of precision to line up the pieces accurately, nor do I do enough stamping to warrant purchasing a stamping platform. But it was quite an enjoyable process, and seeing all the pieces assembled made me happy! The claws didn’t stamp quite how I’d intended them too, so I had to hand colour those using a brown pen. I also didn’t have any shiny gems for the eye, so I used a ranger pen to fill it in, then added clear gloss embossing powder and made a shiny eye myself! For the greeting, I used my Silhouette Cameo to do a ‘write and cut’ and then made an offset layer to mount it on. I don’t use the Silhouette nearly enough, although my craft room is now set up so that it is easy for me to access anything I need to and I have begun to use it more in my cardmaking. You can see on the sentiment where the pen ‘splodged’ which is a shame but I think we might just have to call it rustic and be done with it.

What have you been creating this week? Have you tried out anything new? I’m hoping this week to make some more cards and build up a stash I think.

10 thoughts on “Craft Chatter-19th June

  1. Your shawl is so beautiful! The pattern is gorgeous and I can see why close attention is needed. Those colors are very rich looking. I look forward to seeing more, especially with some blue added.
    Your card is beautiful and will be loved by the recipient. The smudge shows that it was hand made with love ❤

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  2. Love the crochet!
    I think you are being hard on yourself with the cardmaking – it looks great to me and I bet your father in law loved it.

    I’ve been a little slack in my social media posts – being knitting and card making. Really do need to get the sewing machine out too!

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    1. Thank you, the card went down well. I go through a lot of social media lulls, sometimes I just don’t have much to say (those closest to me would disagree 🤣)


  3. I always love your work. You are one busy bee! I try to create almost daily, myself. I have turned a grape vine into a hut, or fort- or magical cottage -whatever the grandchildren deem it. I have also been working on furniture. concocted the cutest little apothecary piece. be happy and blessed, love Micheleand

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