As a massive fan of all things crafty I simply cannot stop myself from wanting to try new ideas. My interest in different crafts loops and meanders, one day I might be engrossed in a crochet project, the next I am surrounded by a sea of paper as I explore a card making technique and before I know it I am sewing, later returning to the abandoned crochet project like a long lost friend. Sometimes crazy, sometimes a little over ambitious, my projects are always made with love. Having two children means there is usually a willing guinea pig for my makes, and I’m never short of inspiration as they grow and their interests change. My husband, quietly supportive of my crafts, has also been known to put in requests for my handiwork. I have created this blog to share my projects, my successes (and failures!) as I try new techniques and continue my crafting journey.

Formerly known as craftandothercrazyplans, I changed my name to reflect how my crafting life has moved on.

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60 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I am also a crafty, but I don’t crochet or knit as much. I’ll read more from your blog later.

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  2. many thanks for your visit to my Gardening Blog MrsCraft.. Lovely to receive a comment from you.
    And Yes I also love knitting and painting, craft is all about enjoying what inspires us at the time.. During the Spring and Summer it is my garden that gets the most attention.. πŸ™‚
    This comment is with my main blog logo as WP doesn’t seem to show replies to my Gardening logo..
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

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  3. Gosh, that sounds much like myself! Nice to meet you and thanks for checking out my blog too πŸ™‚ Looking forward to following along your crafty adventures!

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  4. I posted your blog about making mermaid tails. I just love the idea of having a mermaid tail! Somehow I linked it back to this page, and not that post. Not sure what I did wrong, but at least you should get some traffic from this.

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    1. oops I’m really sorry for a glitch! Could you please edit the comment I’ve made? I means Craft and other crazy plan blog not normal girl blog, sorry again!


  5. Hi, and thank you again. I’m glad to meet another knitter but I do crochet. Even though I haven’t worked on much lately. It’s good that your children help out. You probably knit a lot for the whole family. Which saves a lot too. Please come back more often. Take care.


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