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Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. This week we are looking at squaring off a chevron blanket. I’ve seen some beautiful examples where the points have been made into a feature, embellished with pom poms etc. For this blanket, though, I wanted a rectangle so I can add a border. These instructions are based on a blanket…… Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

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Heat Embossing on Glass

Not one to be content with just doing the crafts I’m familiar with, I decided to try out embossing on glass. It worked surprisingly well so I’m going to share it here. Before you see it, I would like you to know I am not an artist (at least not in the drawing sense). This…… Continue reading Heat Embossing on Glass

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Crochet Blocking Using A Yoga Mat

Whilst waiting for my blocking board to be made I decided to have a go at DIY blocking using a yoga mat, which I bought for £1.50 at a car boot sale. It worked pretty well so I thought I’d write up a tutorial. You will need: Yoga mat (or similar) Pins which don’t rust…… Continue reading Crochet Blocking Using A Yoga Mat