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Busting the January Blues

The new year is in full swing now, Christmas is well and truly over and the decorations are packed safely away in the loft. (Is it ok to feel a little bit relieved about the new found space and the ability to hoover absolutely everywhere again?) I was sorely tempted to keep this little fella…… Continue reading Busting the January Blues

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Salt Dough Decorations

Another person making salt dough? Who’d have thought it at this time of year! This was however a momentous occasion for me, as they actually worked. You know how you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes? It seems I missed that and I’m a huge glutton for punishment. Over the years (in my job!) I…… Continue reading Salt Dough Decorations


How To Create It Yourself ~ Exploding Gift Box Tutorial

Originally posted on CraftyCAN :
I’m sure this Tutorial didn’t want to be done today…that or the Universe was telling me to leave it today and try again tomorrow, but tomorrow I’m focusing on other things, so today it is. My frustration at the constant interruptions, phone calls, Google Docs dictation translations (some of them just…

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Another Award!

I can hardly believe I’m writing this but the lovely Bessie at Shells and Bobbles Crochet has nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award. I’m so honoured that a fellow blogger would think my blog exciting enough to have an award, especially since this is the second award I’ve received in less than two weeks. I was…… Continue reading Another Award!