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Choosing To Make a Change (2 Years On)

Around this time last year, I posted about my tough decision to make a big change, job (and lifestyle) wise. Today it is exactly 2 years ago since I made that choice, so it seemed a suitable time to share my post again. In the last year even more has changed: I’ve said yes to…… Continue reading Choosing To Make a Change (2 Years On)

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WIP Wednesday-11th October

It’s been another crochet week, including a ‘just for fun’ project I’d been meaning to try. I haven’t been terribly productive as I’ve been at work a lot, but even so, some progress has been made. I’ll start with the ‘business’ project. It’s another pair of slippers, this time for a man. I agreed to…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday-11th October

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17 For 2017-September Update

September always feels like a second ‘New Year’ to me as my year has revolved around school term times since I was 4, and as a student and then a teacher (and now a parent) it’s a real month for reflection and resolutions. As a supply teacher, it’s normally a quiet month and gives me…… Continue reading 17 For 2017-September Update

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Why Couldn’t There Just Have Been Two Walnuts?

Monday’s school run was just like any other walk home, a route we’ve covered hundreds of times. However, it suddenly became different when we crossed the road and discovered a walnut under a tree. There was just the one-the others had either been picked up or run over by cars, or just hadn’t dropped off…… Continue reading Why Couldn’t There Just Have Been Two Walnuts?

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A Not WIP Wednesday Post, Featuring Fairy Dust

This week I decided not to have a WIP Wednesday post, because all of my makes have been seen before! What I did decide to do though, was share some magic that happened last Thursday. I hadn’t had a call for work, so I was at home. I’d done the chores, including a very thorough…… Continue reading A Not WIP Wednesday Post, Featuring Fairy Dust

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An FO, a Sprout and a chat about Instagram 

I try to keep my posts all about one thing and not mix up too much, but today I thought I’d break my own rule. First of all, I said in my WIP Wednesday that I’d post a photo of my latest finished project. It is a Lush cardigan by Tin Can Knits and it…… Continue reading An FO, a Sprout and a chat about Instagram¬†