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How to name your spiders, and other ways to procrastinate

Home schooling has proved challenging in many ways, mostly due to my 8 year old’s expert procrastination strategies. He really does go above and beyond in his efforts to avoid doing his school work (and we are only doing the minimum amount set, as with the many and varied work avoidance strategies, it takes us…… Continue reading How to name your spiders, and other ways to procrastinate

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The Abandoned Blanket

Have you ever started a project, put it down and found it hard to pick up again? That’s exactly what happened to me with my daughter’s Unicorn Dreams blanket (a free pattern by cute crochet makes). I started it last summer, when, unbeknown to me at the time, I was showing symptoms of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.…… Continue reading The Abandoned Blanket

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An Easter Update

It’s been a few weeks since my last post, and what a busy few weeks they’ve been. Homeschool continued until last Friday, when we broke up for Easter. My approach has changed a little (a lot!) as all children finished school shortly after we did and the childrens’ school posted a timetable out, as well…… Continue reading An Easter Update

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The Unintended Homeschool-Day 1

A week ago, I’d have considered this unthinkable, but yesterday we made the choice to withdraw the children temporarily from school to protect my own health and allowed me to be shielded from the Coronavirus (as per government advice for those with underlying conditions). Because we made such a quick decision, I was totally unprepared…… Continue reading The Unintended Homeschool-Day 1

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Scarves galore (and a tiny hat!)

My crafting in the last month has mainly revolved around scarves. I very proudly finished my advent scarf (both the pattern and yarns were by Cornish dyer Demelza’s Delights) and have been wearing it to football and for doing the school run. Last week it even saw actual snow-which came totally out of the blue,…… Continue reading Scarves galore (and a tiny hat!)

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January Rainbows

January-the month that has at least 100 days, all of which seem so dark and gloomy after all the bright lights and festivities-is my least favourite. This one has seemed especially odd with me not being at work, which normally distracts me from the post Christmas blues. However, there was some brightness (on 30th December…… Continue reading January Rainbows