Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket

Last night I finished sewing in the ends of this blanket, it was a complete contrast to the last blanket I made as it used a much smaller hook and finer yarn, so progress felt far slower. However, it was an interesting enough pattern to keep me focused without being too complicated. Because the pattern…… Continue reading Finished Object Friday-Beautiful Shells Baby Blanket

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Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. This week we are looking at squaring off a chevron blanket. I’ve seen some beautiful examples where the points have been made into a feature, embellished with pom poms etc. For this blanket, though, I wanted a rectangle so I can add a border. These instructions are based on a blanket…… Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday-Squaring off Crochet Chevrons

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WIP Wednesday 18th January

Another week and nearly another part of Bluebird’s Granny is complete. I’ve got 4 rows of Granny stitches to do to finish it, the hexagons worked up really quickly so it was the borders that took ages. Because this blanket is a yarn eater I seem to be really getting through the parchment coloured one so I…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday 18th January


WIP Wednesday 11th January

It’s been a week jam packed with crochet (in between a sickness bug which wiped me out, cheers kids!) I’ve managed to complete Part 2 of Bluebird’s Granny, including the dreaded sewing in of ends. This was last Wednesday’s progress: By Friday it looked like this: And here it is today: The rows of patterned Granny…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday 11th January