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Square foot garden-Midsummer update

It has been about two months since I posted about starting my first square foot garden, and it has come on a huge amount so summer solstice weekend seemed the perfect time for an update. There have been some real successes, and some things that just haven’t worked out. You might notice from the before…… Continue reading Square foot garden-Midsummer update


Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update

Now that we are well into summer, harvest time is deliciously close on the allotment. Some crops have even almost finished (the strawberries are at the stage where we are potting up runners and the last few fruits are nibbled whilst we go for our watering and weeding visits). The rain last week has filled…… Continue reading Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update


The Allotment in June 

The allotment is an awesome place in June, the light evenings make for pleasant after tea chicken tending trips, and everything is growing at top speed. (Unfortuantely that includes the weeds!) Most of the planting is done and the jobs mainly consist of weeding, watering and maintenance. It’s also quite an exciting month as several…… Continue reading The Allotment in June