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17 For 2017-September Update

September always feels like a second ‘New Year’ to me as my year has revolved around school term times since I was 4, and as a student and then a teacher (and now a parent) it’s a real month for reflection and resolutions. As a supply teacher, it’s normally a quiet month and gives me…… Continue reading 17 For 2017-September Update


Early Autumn Allotment Update

I’m counting the start of September as Autumn here, and the weather seems to as well because it’s getting quite chilly, even on sunny days. The majority of our gluts of produce are over, though there are a few things still to harvest. The beans are still flowering, but fortunately they have slowed down a…… Continue reading Early Autumn Allotment Update


Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update

Now that we are well into summer, harvest time is deliciously close on the allotment. Some crops have even almost finished (the strawberries are at the stage where we are potting up runners and the last few fruits are nibbled whilst we go for our watering and weeding visits). The rain last week has filled…… Continue reading Pumpkins and Pecking-a July Allotment Update


Trying Not to Lose the Plot 

In case you hadn’t got the pun, this is a long awaited allotment update. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a long stint there, though Dave has done some weeding and harvesting on his way home from work on the odd occasion.  I was fully expecting a jungle, so I wasn’t at…… Continue reading Trying Not to Lose the Plot