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WIP Wednesday-20th December

I’ve still managed to work on some projects this week as Mr C did all of the present wrapping whilst I was at work one day so I haven’t had to spend every evening making a mess with tape and paper. (He will definitely be on Santa’s good list for doing that job!) Instead, I’ve…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday-20th December

My other ramblings

The Perfect Christmas Tree?

It’s that time now when the tree is retrieved from the loft (unless you buy a real one!) and the living room is filled with the plasticy ‘scent’ of tinsel that brings back memories of wearing it as a halo in the Nativity. (I wonder if Yankee Candles will add ‘tinsel sparkle’ as a fragrance…… Continue reading The Perfect Christmas Tree?


Branching Out #1 Furniture Renovation

Welcome to the first post in my new blog series, which will focus on my expanding crafty repertoire. (I know I only finished the last series two days ago, but I’m a tad excited about this!) There are so many crafts I’d love to explore, even if they are one-offs and never get repeated. There’s…… Continue reading Branching Out #1 Furniture Renovation