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Autumn Adventures

This week is half term here, so both the children and myself are not at school. After what feels like such a long time since school started in September, it’s a very welcome break. A combination of various illnesses between us and the darker mornings and evenings have left me feeling somewhat lacklustre, so the…… Continue reading Autumn Adventures

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Springing into spring

For non UK readers, last night our clocks went forward an hour. This means the evenings are much lighter (and the childrens’ bedtime is a bit of a pain as they are adamant that they can’t go to sleep when it isn’t dark!) Everything seems so much brighter all of a sudden (me included), the…… Continue reading Springing into spring

My other ramblings

Turning Back The Tide Of Single Use Plastics

Until a couple of months ago, I’d not really heard the term ‘single use plastics’, but recently it’s been a topic of much discussion and awareness has been raised. This site explains more about what they are, and why they are such a huge environmental issue. I’ve always been fairly environmentally conscious, and so I’ve…… Continue reading Turning Back The Tide Of Single Use Plastics