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The Disorganised Parent’s Guide to Birthday Cakes

My biggest ‘baby’ turned 7 yesterday, and that meant a cake was needed. Easy, you might say, go to Asda. But no, I wanted to make a homemade one so I could try out my new Wilton icing measuring mat that Mr C and I bought in Hobbycraft just because we had a discount voucher…… Continue reading The Disorganised Parent’s Guide to Birthday Cakes

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Why Couldn’t There Just Have Been Two Walnuts?

Monday’s school run was just like any other walk home, a route we’ve covered hundreds of times. However, it suddenly became different when we crossed the road and discovered a walnut under a tree. There was just the one-the others had either been picked up or run over by cars, or just hadn’t dropped off…… Continue reading Why Couldn’t There Just Have Been Two Walnuts?

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The Children Who Wanted to Fall Asleep

Like many parents, bedtime is one of our toughest times of the day. Despite trying various routines- giving warm milk to drink or having no drink, trying to wear them out or not letting them get over tired, stories before songs and vice versa, lavender in the bath, trying no screen time rather than letting…… Continue reading The Children Who Wanted to Fall Asleep

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Salt Dough Decorations

Another person making salt dough? Who’d have thought it at this time of year! This was however a momentous occasion for me, as they actually worked. You know how you’re supposed to learn from your mistakes? It seems I missed that and I’m a huge glutton for punishment. Over the years (in my job!) I…… Continue reading Salt Dough Decorations

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Another (Bookish) Advent Calendar

As well as the sewn advent calendar (the big reveal is tomorrow!), we have a book advent calendar. Last year was the first year of us doing it (having been inspired by Pinterest), and as we were on a fairly tight budget we started buying early.  Basically our aim was to find 24 Christmas/winter themed…… Continue reading Another (Bookish) Advent Calendar